"There's a HAIR-i-cane a comin'"

Hair-i-cane... that's how my mom pronounces the word t hat describes a massive ball of wind and water being hurled at the US coast line... but this time... it's 175mph winds... and coming straight for us, so it makes it a little different.

Now... to make this even better. My parents are in New York City... what a way to evacuate. They are visiting my brother and his girlfriend's family. So I'm talking to my brother in AIM... and I'm not sure who said what... but these words were spoken by someone... and no matter who it was. It was just plain wrong.

"i hope you die." "Wait don't die we dont have insurance on her"

I suspect my father... the bad weather loving freak. Well *na na na na boo boo*

That's all for now... I will add more to this later... but I have to go strap my house down.

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NA said...

lol.. Hope you haven't floated away!!!