The One Where I Posted an Online Ad

The Craigslist ad I posted in my dream last night:


Turd nuggets delivered fresh weekly for your canine pal. Sizes are small and large. $5 per bag, payable in advance monthly.

As I hit upload, I was able to observe 4 separate scenes. 

The first scene was an elderly gentleman browsing the internet with a brown overly-excited short-haired dachshund in his lap. This pup clearly knew what he was getting for Christmas and he was PUMPED UP about it. 

The second scene was my two cats, a small one and a large one and they were looking at me with a great deal of disdain... "We find this disturbing and unacceptable."

The third scene was a Craigslist auditor in charge of reviewing ads of questionable content. "Welp... It's disgusting... but it's not against the TOS."

And the forth scene was the saddest face of my basset hound. I was selling HIS snacks. How could I betray him?!?!

I woke up when my husband kissed me goodbye as he was headed off to work. I immediately burst into a fit of giggles and after I explained what was so funny, he started digging around to find "the crack I must have been smoking."